17 Days/17 Ways — Is your behavior truly violence-free?

I think as adults we can all learn some things from Kid President. It can be very easy to point blame at others around us when we are considering what needs to change  to prevent violence. Taking a hard look at our own behavior might bring to light some lessons we are teaching others around us that we wish we weren’t passing along.

Kid President was right when he said, “No matter who you are, somebody’s learning from you. Everybody’s a teacher and everybody’s a student.” So, let’s get LOUD about creating a violence-free world!

First, look in the mirror. Sounds weird, but it’s easier to be honest with yourself when you’re looking into your own eyes. Next, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Is my language free of bias and violence, even with close friends and family?
  • Am I more interested in being right or finding shared solutions to challenges?
  • Do I actively listen to find compromise during conflicts at work, home, and play?

Leave a comment sharing what it is that you want to teach the world about nonviolent behavior.  How will you let other know about your commitment?

And, “keep learning, people!”

This post is part of our 17 Days/17 Ways campaign during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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