17 Days/17 Ways — Adopt us where you work

Volunteer Match reports that workplace volunteer programs benefit employees and companies.

For the employee, volunteering increases job satisfaction and encourages teamwork. For the company, volunteering improves employee productivity and loyalty while building brand affinity in the community. The Society for Human Resource Management notes a UnitedHealthcare Survey released in April 2010 that reports 21% of employees stated that they would not be a volunteer if it weren’t for their employer’s encouragement.

What we know here at GreenHouse17 is that company volunteer groups really matter. In one day, a workplace volunteer group can accomplish important tasks that might take our small and very stretched staff weeks to complete.  This allows our counselors and advocates more time to help survivors rebuild their lives after violence.

Past workplace volunteer groups have helped us mulch our children’s playground, sort and stock nonperishable food donations, winterize the shelter building, and harvest produce from the farm. Around the winter holidays, workplace volunteer groups can really make a difference. They help us organize toy drives, collect and deliver donations to shelter, and organize our gift shops for moms and kids.

We’re committed to working with your workplace to find volunteer projects that match your needs. No group is too big or too small! Speak to your supervisor to support donation drives and allow teams time off to volunteer at GreenHouse17. Then, send us a note to start the conversation.

Here’s a great video to inspire you and your group! It’s from The Volunteer Center, a group in San Francisco, but the messages are universal.

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