17 Days/17 Ways — Believe Your Actions Can Make A Difference

Today marks the final day of our 17 Days/17 Ways campaign featuring ways you can help end intimate partner abuse in families and our community.

Some of the ways to help have been easy ones, like following us on social media. Other ways to help have been more difficult, like finding the courage to call 911 if you hear violence or reaching out to someone in need.

All of the ways to help matter. Imagine a community of concerned citizens who…

  • Dialed 911 if they saw or heard violence.
  • Spoke out when someone was using abusive or controlling language.
  • Reached out to someone who might be experiencing intimate partner abuse.
  • Included domestic violence one the neighborhood watch list of crimes.
  • Volunteered time to help victims of domestic violence.
  • Helped their workplace or church develop a written policy regarding domestic violence .
  • Purchased the fresh flowers and produce we grow on our farm to support survivors.
  • Invited educators to speak on domestic violence prevention at their school, church, civic group or business.
  • Followed us on social media and shared information about the issue and ways to help.
  • Threw parties to collect items to donate to our shelter.
  • Talked to young adults about healthy relationships and helped them recognize the signs of dating violence.
  • Donated good, supplies and money to help our organization serve and advocate for victims.
  • Told their state representatives they support protections for survivors of domestic violence.
  • Asked themselves honestly if their own behavior is truly violence-free.
  • Wrote a letter to their local news media describing the problem of domestic violence.
  • Adopted our agency at their workplace and were allowed time off to volunteer.

Believe your voice and actions can make a difference. Every action — big or small — creates a community that believes victims and supports survivors.

Explore the whole collection of 17 Days/17 Ways to Help End Intimate Partner Abuse here.

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