My Journey from Domestic Violence to Safety

This post was written by a resident at GreenHouse17:

I have been fleeing a domestic violence situation for 13 months now. I left everything I and my kids owned, including our vehicle. He threatened to kill us and himself to solve his problems. I was terrified because he had already assaulted me numerous times and has even served time in prison for these assaults.

You see at that point I didn’t really care about myself. We had nowhere to go.

Once we left we stayed with a couple of friends then finally the domestic violence shelter. He continued to call and harass me and threaten me.

After several other unfortunate encounters with him, I was advised to leave again.   After quite a journey, I am at GreenHouse17 now with one of my children.

I did not like the abuse ever. I was in a constant state of fear and anxiety never knowing what would happen. I did not know where to go or how to get help.

I was so fortunate to find GreenHouse17 they have helped me and my son get the therapy we both desperately need, as well as food, shelter, and basic needs. I thank God every day for GreenHouse17. They have saved our lives.


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