Day 17: Believe Your Voice Matters

Candy Lightner’s voice changed drunk driving laws.

Lilly Ledbetter’s voice protected women in the workplace.

Todd Beamer’s voice coordinated passengers to thwart a terrorist airstrike on the Pentagaon.

Ryan White’s voice changed our understanding of HIV/AIDS.

If one voice can shift national and international history, then your voice really matters right here in the central Kentucky community. What would happen if every person in your neighborhood took a stand against intimate partner abuse? What if every central Kentucky resident supported survivors?

Imagine if each and every one of us believed that our voice matters and…

  • Changed our profile pics and shared information about intimate partner abuse on social media.
  • Attended events to support survivors and violence prevention in our community.
  • Spoke up when friends and family blame use victim-blaming language.
  • Made the connection between human and animal abuse, and committed to protecting family pets, too.
  • Reached out to someone in need to provide support and resources.
  • Though about how we’d respond if witness to intimate partner abuse.
  • Volunteered our time and talents to help local shelters and organizations.
  • Honored the unique barriers faced by LGBTQ survivors.
  • Talked to young people about healthy relationships at home, school and places of worship.
  • Organized a donation drive for the shelter!
  • Supported organizations that support survivors in our community.
  • Spoke the names of victims who are no longer with us.
  • Read, watched, and listened to stories of survival to understand the issue more.
  • Purchased Handmade by Survivors products to support survivor healing and self-sufficiency.
  • Learned more about the effects of intimate partner abuse on children.
  • And honestly reflected on our own behavior.

Your voice matters. ​Your ideas, words, and actions make a difference. Take a stand against intimate partner abuse this month and every month.

This post is part of our 17 Days/17 Ways campaign to take a stand against intimate partner abuse.

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