Speak My Name

Today we give voice to victims of domestic violence by speaking the names of 32 victims killed by intimate partners from January 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016 in Kentucky. Each was someone’s daughter, mother, friend, and colleague. Listen to their names being read in the above video, read the list quietly to yourself, or recite them from a podium during a meeting or faith service. Honor the memory of domestic violence victims by committing to help end domestic violence in families and our community.

  • Julie Griffith, McCracken County*
  • Felicia Walker, Woodford County*
  • Kim Thomas, Graves County*
  • Anna C Fisher, Jefferson County
  • Frances L. Brown, Jefferson County
  • Rebekah Caldwell, Scott County
  • Sukenia “Missy” Rice, Fayette County
  • Lucy L. Zeh, Jefferson County
  • Meranda Hobbs, Boone County
  • Sheila Nash, Warren County
  • Jaundora Shoulders, Jefferson County
  • Shannon Engle, Laurel County
  • Maribel Angeles Garcia, Kenton County
  • Sherry Collins, Clay County
  • Amber Decker, Laurel County
  • Jackie Rose, Madison County
  • Annoqunette Starr, Jefferson County
  • Christina Gribbins, Taylor County
  • Ashley Beckner, Laurel County
  • Leontynae Wade, Jefferson County
  • Billie Jo Hettinger, Jefferson County
  • Tracey L. Brock, Jefferson County
  • Rachel Jones, Wayne County
  • Amelia S. Lacambra, Jefferson County
  • Aiisha Tye, Clay County
  • Amy Koegel, Fayette County
  • Asmaa Mahdi, Jefferson County
  • Shelagh Sue Goodridge, Kenton County
  • Constance Thomas, Jefferson County
  • Tara Simpson Lamer, Taylor County
  • Haley Bourgeois, Fayette County
  • Judith A. White, Bath County

The deaths of women whose names are followed by an asterisk occurred before January 1, 2015, but the cases were pending when the previous list was published. Since then, the perpetrator has been charged in each case. This list was compiled by the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence. It is not an exhaustive list, including only victims identified by the coalition through Kentucky newspapers and domestic violence programs.

This post is part of our 17 Voices campaign during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

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