17 Flower Arranging Tips

Are you looking at your bundle of beautiful flowers and thinking…now what?! We’ve prepared 17 tips to support you through the process. Grab some scissors and let’s get creative! Don’t forget to take a photo of your creation to share with us. Tag us on Facebook @GreenHouse17 and mention us @greenhouse17ky on Twitter and Instagram.

  1. Believe in your amazing flower arranging skills. Say these words aloud: “I am the flower whisperer.”
  1. What vessel will you use? We adore recycled cans and jars. Fancy glassware works, too. This decision will contribute to the height and shape of your final arrangement. No pressure. Just give it some thought…
  1. Ok, now determine the height of your arrangement. Shorter works well for table centerpieces. Tall is great for side tables. Medium works in almost any situation.
  1. What shape do you imagine? Squarish? Round? Cylindrical? Boxy? Any of these will work, but you have to choose a basic shape now to move forward.
  1. OK, one more decision. Think about color. Will your arrangement feature one, two, or many colors. Think about the color wheel. Colors across from each other on the wheel seem more vibrant together (like purple and yellow.) Colors near each other on the wheel always are good together, too (like orange and yellow.)
  1. Are you still believing in your amazing flower arranging skills? You got this! Now pour some water (not too cold, not too warm) in your vessel. Add just enough water that your stems will dip into it.
  1. Begin placing the flowers in your vessel. One by one, trim the stems at an angle to fit the general height and shape you’ve chosen for the arrangement. You can always trim off a little more later, so don’t go too short. Snip off a few of the lower leaves from your flower stems while you’re at it.
  1. Whoa there. Why are your rushing? Slow down. Take a deep breath. Believe it or not, flower arranging can be a very relaxing experience. It’s all going to come together beautifully.
  1. Keep your final vision in mind. Try to place each flower about where you want them to be in the final arrangement. And be open to new possibilities. Your flowers might seem a little unruly right now but…
  1. Leave some room for bloom. Sometimes less is more, and you still need to add the textural greenery to bring it all together.
  1. Now add some texture. Are your flowers bold and pointy? Then consider adding greenery that’s soft and feathery. Are your flowers delicate and wispy? Maybe a strong leafy stem will add contrast.
  1. Don’t second guess yourself. Be creative. Be confident. This is your vision. You are making it happen!
  1. Look at your beautiful creation. Step back and examine your arrangement from all sides. Is it still the shape you planned on? If not, do you like this shape better than the one you planned?
  1. Make adjustments. If a flower is too tall, trim the stem a bit. Does the general shape of the arrangement need to be more defined? That’s OK. Tweak a little here and there.
  1. Admire your arrangement again. Does it make you smile? If you’re not smiling just yet, repeat the previous step. Then add a bit more water to the vessel.
  1. Find the most perfect spot in your home for your arrangement. Avoid spaces near air vents, microwaves, and ripening vegetables which can harm your flowers. Once you find the spot, take lots of photos of creation and post them on social media. Tag us so we can ooh and ahh with you!
  1. We completely believe in the power of talking to your flowers. Say this to them at least once a day: “You are an amazing and beautiful gift from nature.” We bet they’ll last a little bit longer, if you do.

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