August U-Pick Day – Open Pick Canceled

Y’all. These words are powerful ones for us today.

We are so sorry to announce that this Saturday’s drop-in “Open U-Pick” from 11 am – 1 pm has been canceled.

Our farm and fields sustained some damage during the recent bad storms. Although we’ve been giving the flowers lots of love this week, we’re afraid there just won’t be enough for everyone.

Many stems and blooms were able to make it through the storm, so we still look forward to welcoming Early U-Pick ticket holders from 10 – 11 am.

Weather is always a risk for farm-based events, but canceling this Saturday’s open u-pick has been a really difficult decision to make. We hope you understand.

Please help us share this news with friends and family who were planning to attend.

#TLDR This Saturday’s open u-pick from 11-1 is canceled, but the ticketed “Early U-Pick” from 10-11 am is still on.

#HopeStillBlooms #HealingTakesTime #SupportSurvivors #endDV

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