This note was written by a survivor living at our shelter to encourage other survivors who are seeking support and services to flee intimate partner abuse. Identifying information has been changed for confidentiality.

Dear Survivor – 

GreenHouse17 has given me the tools to be able to look at myself in the mirror and know that I am beautiful, smart, worthy, and loving. I do have potential to build a strong, bright future for myself.  
It’s also taught me self-control and how to control my anxiety.  Every bad situation in my past wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t control the mental and physical abuse.
I’ve gotten better at standing up for myself and respecting and believing in myself. In just a month, I have grown more than I ever knew I could.  
I am somebody, and I will get through this storm each day. I am already starting to see a glimpse of the sunshine in my future.  
My heart, body, and soul were searching for peace. I was beyond broken and ready to give up on life. I had trusted when I shouldn’t have—so many times that I felt scared to the depths of my soul. 
I didn’t know what being safe was supposed to look or feel like, but they reminded me that having a soft heart in a cruel world ISN’T weakness. It’s a sign of strength and courage.  
Slowly, day by day, I am beginning to trust again…

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Nurturing lives harmed by intimate partner abuse