Lexi-Fest TWO benefits survivors

We love community events.  One reason, of course, is raising funds to support survivors. Another reason…we get to share information about our mission and shelter and our trauma-informed approached to survivor advocacy. That’s why we’re so excited about Lexi-Fest TWO!

Lexi-Fest TWO
Sunday, May 31
1-3 p.m.
Natasha’s Bistro & Bar
112 Esplanade, Lexington

Mighty Max Corona of Classic Rock 921 WBVX will emcee the afternoon concert with this amazing line-up of local musicians:

We count on events like this cool one being put on by David M. McLean with Skinny Devil Music Lab and LEXIawards with the support of local musicians to gather folks for a fun afternoon of information sharing, fundraising, and…in this case….some really great music! Come on out to enjoy incredible musical talents from the region, while supporting those harmed by intimate partner violence. (And if ya can’t make it, catch the live stream by Changed Planet, LLC!)


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