“Let’s go halvsies!”  We’ve all said or agreed with these words at some point in our lives. Maybe for rent during college, dinner with friends, tickets to a special event.

This is the idea behind the new Halvsies, a new crowd philanthropy start-up out of Indianapolis. Halvsies approaches online fundraising a little differently. They require a campaign owner to provide a portion of their fundraising goals up front.  Then, the campaign owner saves toward half the goal while the Halvsies community makes contributions to help raise the other half.

We really responded to the accountability of the model, and saving toward goals is something our advocates always talk about during self-sufficiency programs for survivors of intimate partner abuse.

We like that kind of mission connection in our fundraising projects.

Our Halvsies campaign will support the manufacture our Handmade By Survivors products for this year’s holiday shopping season. We estimate our total expenses — including raw materials, supplies, packaging, and labeling — will be about $5,000. We already have raised and saved half of our project goal.

Now we’re asking supporters to help us raise the other half.

Your contribution will help us nurture lives harmed by intimate partner abuse. The process of making lip balms, soaps, and other products provides supportive workplace experience and small-business training for survivors, while generating resources for our services. This innovative approach to survivor services has been honored with the national Celebrating Solutions Award from the Mary Byron Project, as well as awards from the Kentucky Nonprofit Network, Center for Nonprofit Excellence, and Kentucky Housing Corporation.

Wanna go halvsies?  Click here to make your donation to the campaign!