Weekly Flower CSA

Registration for this year’s Weekly Flower CSA is closed. We hope you will become a member next year. Frequently asked questions are answered below.


Why do you grow and sell flowers?
The farm situated on the 40-acre rural property surrounding our emergency shelter offers the opportunity for survivors to heal in the fresh air while growing strong in body and mind. Fresh food from the farm is used to prepare nutritious field-to-table meals for adults and children living at our shelter. And adult survivors may choose to help grow the flowers on our farm in exchange for a weekly stipend and job training.

What is a CSA?
CSA is an abbreviation for Community-Supported Agriculture. This is a system in which the farmer and community share in the benefits and risks of agricultural production.

How long is your Flower CSA?
We offer the option of a full or partial season memberships. Exact start and end dates will be provided after we receive your CSA registration is received:

  • Full Season Memberships (16 weeks of flowers) begin in mid-June and continues through the end of September.
  • Half Season Memberships (8 weeks of flowers) can begin during the first full week of July or August (your choice.)
  • Quarter Season Memberships (4 weeks of flowers) can begin during the first full week of July, August, or September (your choice.)

What kind of flowers do you grow?
Our flowers are local, seasonal, and chemical-free. Colors and varieties change throughout the summer. You will likely find a variety of different stems in each unique bouquets.  We grow a number of additional species but, the following are the most prolific on our farm:

  • June: Bachelors Buttons, Calendula, Larkspur, Snapdragons, Ageratum, Rhudibeckia, Yarrow, Celosia, Zinnia, Basils, Berries, Sweet Peas, Bells of Ireland, Nigella and Queen Anne’s Lace
  • July:  Zinnia, Celosia, Ageratum, Basils, Strawflower, Sunflowers, Marigold, Rhudibeckia, Gomphrena, Statice, Coneflower, Globe Thistle, and Queen Anne’s Lace, Verbena
  • August: Zinnia, Celosia, Ameranthus, Ageratum, Basils, Marigold, Strawflower, Verbena,Sunflowers, Gomphrena, Sweet Annie, and Dahlias
  • September:  Zinnia, Celosia, Scented Geranims, Ageratum, Marigold, Verbena,Basils, Strawflower, Sunflowers, Lisianthus, Ornamental Peppers, Gomphrena, Dahlias and Goldenrod

When and where do I pick up my weekly bouquets?
With the support of our amazing community partners, we offer several pick up on three days of the week from convenient Lexington locations including Third Street Stuff, Bak 4 More Studio, and The Plantory. Delivery is available to downtown Lexington location (inside New Circle Road) for an additional weekly delivery fee.

How do you fund your farm and flower programs?
All flower sales and CSA memberships support healing and self-sufficiency services of our trauma-informed farm program. Additional generous funding is provided by the United Way of the Bluegrass, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, and Grow Appalachia.

How do I become a member?
Just follow this link to sign up today.