Today we take the bold step of changing our name to GreenHouse17.

Our new name and brand image are a truer representation of the principles that guide us and our passionate commitment to the mission to end intimate partner violence.  Just as the protection of a greenhouse nurtures plants so they grow healthy and strong, GreenHouse17 nurtures human beings, helping them grow, flourish and leave the trauma of abuse behind them.

In the words of Darlene Thomas, our Executive Director, “We’ve been aware for a long time of the disconnect between our name and our mission.  We take a holistic approach to helping people not simply to survive a crisis, but to grow as human beings and move on to lead full and fulfilling lives. We tend to think way outside the box and are passionate about our work.  Our new name, GreenHouse17, gets to the heart of what we do – nurture lives damaged by intimate partner violence – in 17 Kentucky counties.”

Our new name and brand will become official on October 18 when our Board of Directors, staff, and community partners gather for a celebration under the Contemplation Pavilion on our beautiful Bluegrass farm.

The rollout was deliberately timed to benefit from heightened awareness of the problem of intimate partner violence during the month of October, designated   National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We’re ramping up to the official launch date of our new name and brand with 17 Days/17Ways – an awareness initiative of its own. Look for one practical tip about how the community can combat the problem on our Facebook page and via Twitter each day from October 1 to October 17.

“Even more important, we believe a more positive and optimistic image, focused on the solution not the problem, will be more apt to engage community understanding and support to help wipe out a problem that affects us all.”