For our community partners and media contacts, right-click on the links to save the following files to your computer.

Our Logo
  • horizontal – for printed material (jpg file)
  • horizontal – for web and e-mail (jpg file)
  • horizontal – for print, web, or e-mail (jpg file)
  • square – for printed materials (jpg file)
  • square – for web and e-mail (jpg file)
  • square – transparent background – for print, web, or email (png file)

Please contact us using this form to request vector line art for graphics/large-scale print projects.

How to Spell Our Name
  • Our name is spelled like this: GreenHouse17, no spaces, with a capital G and H.
  • Please avoid abbreviation of our name as just “Greenhouse” or “GH17” in public materials.
Our Brand
  • Our mission is to end intimate partner abuse in families and the community.
  • Our tagline is Nurturing lives harmed by intimate partner abuse.