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Although we have provided the following information about your privacy while visiting our website, it’s important to note that no online activity can be completely anonymous or confidential.

Technology & Intimate Partner Abuse

If you are a victim of intimate partner abuse seeking information about our services, the abuser may be monitoring your online activities. Abusers could have access to the information you type, websites you visit, and other details about your online activities. If you suspect the abuser may be monitoring your online activities, consider using a computer or device of a trusted friend or family member to view our website.

Standard Information Collected

We collect standard anonymous and aggregate information about your activity on our website to help us make this website more useful to visitors.

  • Examples of information collected during your visit to this website may include the type of browser, operating system, or device used; the country, state, and/or city associated with the IP address used; the date and time webpages are accessed; and the links and/or pages you view.
  • We do not collect personally identifying information unless you choose to provide us with such information (see Transactions & Forms) and/or have provided a third-party with permission to collect personal data about your online activities (see Cookies & Pixels.)
Website Transactions & Forms

From time to time, you may decide to send us personally identifying information while visiting our website. Examples include when you send us an electronic mail message, purchase products, or complete a form on our website. Forms and transactions on our website may be processed by a third-party as necessary for the function of the online communication:

  • Credit card transactions will be encrypted (encoded) and protected using “Secure Socket Layers (SSL)” as it passes between your browser and this website or third-party processing provider.
  • If you send questions or comments via a contact form located within this website, your correspondence will be securely passed between your browser and this website using a third-party application.
  • Upon receipt, information provided through transactions or forms on our website may be forwarded to our organization’s secure email and shared with staff member(s) as needed to best respond to the matter.
  • We may also use personally identifying information you provide during transactions or through forms to send future correspondence by email, text, or postal service in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act and other regulations.
  • We will retain, discard, or, in some cases, archive personal correspondence and transaction data as determined by storage capacity and governing best practices and/or statutes.
Use of Cookies & Pixels

When you follow links to our website from third-party platforms such as Google, Meta (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and other websites, those links could include a series of unique characters and numbers called a “cookie.” Pages on our website may also include embedded code called a “pixel” that is hosted by and associated with these third-party platforms.

  • Cookies and pixels may be stored on your browser and/or device after viewing a page on our website to collect standard anonymous and aggregate information such as the type of browser and operating system used to access our site; IP address used to access our website; the date and time the website was accessed; and the links and/or pages clicked during the visit to our website.
  • If you have accounts with third-party platforms, you’ve likely agreed to give these companies permission to use the cookies or pixels on our website to collect personally identifying information about your visit. This information may be collected and shared with third parties to which you’ve given permission, even if you are not logged onto the third-party account(s) when you visit our website.
  • You may be able to control how personally identifying information is collected through cookies and pixels by adjusting the privacy settings associated with your account with the third-party platform(s).
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