Your generous donation of new clothing and supplies matters to survivors and our organization. Shop from these and other lists on Amazon Smiles, and a portion of the cost of your purchase will be donated to our mission, too.


Please note we cannot accept the donation of used goods and supplies at our emergency shelter. More information available in the FAQS at the bottom of this page.

Sleep Well

It’s our goal to welcome every adult and child to the shelter with new twin-size sheet sets, a new pillow, and a new comforter of their own. When it’s time to leave shelter, survivors can take their bedding to their new home. A donation drive to collect new pillows and beds-in-a-bag is a wonderful way to support our shelter.

Sorting Things Out

So much laundry gets done at our shelter every day! And our small shelter just doesn’t offer a lot of storage space for families. A donation drive of towels, laundry baskets, carts, and storage bins helps survivors and the shelter stay organized. 


People often don’t think about donating basic necessities like new undergarments, but these items sure do help at our shelter. We’re often in need of children’s and adult plus-size underwear.

Around the Farm

We believe bodies and spirits heal in nature. That’s why we farm the 40-acre property that surrounds our shelter. A donation drive for the farm will assure survivors have the gloves, hats, and hand supplies needed for a day in the sun and fresh air.

Supporting Transitions

The lives of survivors can change quickly after fleeing abuse. Many will begin new jobs and move to a new home as they begin again. Other survivors might need to flee the area to live with family or friends in another state until it’s safe enough for them to return. Gifts of gift cards help our staff to be prepared to support survivors during these transitions.


Do you accept donations of gently used clothing and furniture?

Unless otherwise noted, we can only accept the donation of new goods at our shelter. We ask that donations of gently used clothing and household goods be made to area Goodwill or Habitat ReStore locations. Both of these organizations issue regular vouchers to our organization. We, in turn, distribute these vouchers to survivors. This process provides survivors with the opportunity to shop for clothing that fits and items they need most.

Why don't you accept used donations at the shelter?

We really do appreciate you thinking about survivors. During response to the pandemic, emergency shelter best-practices prohibit acceptance of used goods. Even before the pandemic, it was difficult for us to accept used donations. Our shelter doesn’t have much extra space to store donated goods, and sorting/organizing gently used donations often requires many hours of staff time. Our partnerships with area Goodwill and Habitat ReStore locations allow our staff and the shelter’s space to be dedicated to safety and healing services for survivors.

When is a good time to drop off my donation of new supplies from your wish list?

If possible, we prefer deliveries be scheduled with our Community Relations Manager, Reena Martin. She can be reached by note or phone call to 859-519-1911. Standard delivery times are Monday – Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Can you pick up my donation?

No, we aren’t able to pick up donated items.