The following reflections were written by survivors participating in our nature-based healing program. They’ve given us permission to share these stories with you.

I never knew how relaxing working outside could be. I guess when it’s warm and the sun is shining makes a lot of difference working in the greenhouses. My mother loved planting and seeding, weeding and growing plants. She had magic hands when it came to growing any type of plant or flower. She used to talk to her plants, and I truly believe that it made them grow. Working outside today has taken my mind off a lot of other things that I have going on inside my head.

By C
Today was an awesome day in the garden. It was a cool breezy day with a ‘lil sprinkle. Can we say perfect? I started out pulling peapods out of garden, threw em’ to the side then went back with a wheel barrel, picked it up rolled down under a shade tree. I got a cardboard box to sit on and it was so peaceful, sitting there under the shade tree picking the peapods off. After picking all the pea pods off, we put the pile into a compost pile. Thank God I have not run into any snakes!

By D
There are so many opportunities. Yesterday, I was interviewed for a program that will be broadcast on KET talking about the farm and myself as a survivor. Although nervous, I nailed it. I planted plants and got a nice sunburn. It feels good to be back after taking care of some business and self-care.

By Anonymous
My time here at GreenHouse17 is coming to an end. I’m really happy to be moving on, but it’s very bittersweet. I’ll miss this place, the women that I’ve met along the way, the support I’ve had from all the staff, and mostly the garden…No matter what I’m doing in the garden, I love it all. The weeding, planting, and harvesting are my favorite and most rewarding. It’s been so great to see the vegetables growing especially, the tomatoes and apples and the flowers. I can take what I’ve learned and use it for the rest of my life.

Working on the farm is peaceful, relaxing, and you can put your thoughts together and be in a positive zone. I can smell the grass, smell the air. I look up at the sky and see the worms in the ground. Working out on the farm, can make you be independent and enable you to be on your own. It makes me feel powerful and create positive friends in my life.