The farm situated on the 40-acre rural property surrounding our emergency shelter offers the opportunity for survivors to heal in the fresh air while growing strong in body and mind.

Eating food fresh from the garden models good nutrition and healthy eating habits for parents and kids. Adult survivors may choose to help on the farm in exchange for a weekly stipend.

Our vision is for the farm to become an economically self-sustaining program that provides a reliable source of revenue for our agency while offering survivors small-business training and micro-enterprise opportunities. Harvesting produce, arranging floral bouquets, and making products helps survivors develop new skills and recent workplace experience as they strive to find healing and rebuild their lives.

Our farm program is supported by research related to trauma-informed care for women veterans, studies exploring the restorative and healing outcomes of therapeutic  gardens, and examinations of “social farming” as a means to promote healing, social inclusion, education, and social services in rural areas.

The integration of our innovative farm program with traditional services for survivors has received several recent awards: Mary Byron Project Celebrating Solutions Award, Center for Nonprofit Excellence Pyramid Award for Social Innovation, and the Kentucky Nonprofit Network Innovative Nonprofit Award.

And most recently, the farm is being researched by the  UK’s Center for Research on Violence Against Women (CRVAW) with funding through the Department of Justice to assess impact of the program. 

Your purchase of flowers and products from our farm helps survivors grow strong and shows them the community really cares.