Nurturing young lives.

Serving children whose parents and families have a history of intimate partner abuse, child abuse or neglect, sexual assault, stalking, substance abuse, or other issues. We commit to support children’s safety, healing, and stability.

Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation is visitation between a non-custodial parent and one or more children in a safe, secure environment to enhance building positive parent-child relationships. Visits take place at our facility and are observed and documented by a Visitation Monitor.

Monitored Exchange

Monitored exchange is the supervision of the exchange of children from one parent to the other. Parents do not come into contact with one another during the process. Following the exchange, the visiting parent leaves to spend time with his or her children unsupervised. We honor the importance of the parent-child relationship to the security and healthy development of children. And we commit to strengthen this bond without children worrying about conflict, intimidation, control, and further abuse

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Are visitation and exchange services operating during COVID-19 response?

Yes. Additional precautions are in effect to minimize the risk for spread of the virus. Please contact us at 859-268-0487 for more information.

What happens when I initiate services?

After service initiation, separate in-person orientations will be scheduled with each party. Each party is responsible for contacting GreenHouse17 to schedule their orientation.  Call 859-268-0487 to schedule your orientation.

What is the service orientation?

Each party is required to participate in a separate orientation. To understand the unique needs of individuals and families, we will explore the services offered by our Children’s Safe Exchange and Visitation program. You will need to bring photo identification, any court documents relating to the need for services, and submit payment of the sliding scale service fee, if applicable. Following our discussion and tour of our facility, we will review and sign a service contract to acknowledge acceptance of program rules. When both parties have completed the orientation and signed the service contract, our staff will follow up to schedule your first visitation or exchange.

Should my children participate in the orientation?

If child(ren) are of an appropriate age, the custodial party will be asked to schedule their orientation at a time when the child(ren) can attend. This will provide the child(ren) with a chance to meet our staff and explore the facility before their first visit or exchange.

How will services be provided?

We commit to the following service philosophy:

  • To provide equal regard for the safety of child(ren) and adults.
  • To offer services that celebrate diversity and honor our Statement of Inclusion.
  • To honor the nature, dynamics, and impact of intimate partner abuse.
  • To treat every individual with fairness and respect.
  • To collaborate with community partners to provide additional necessary services.

How much are service fees?

Service fees are based on your individualized service needs and based on a sliding scale. We will provide additional information about the fee structure during our conversation to schedule the orientation.

Will my children and I be safe?

While our facilities offer a warm and friendly environment, we use a variety of safety mechanisms to ensure that children and adults are protected from harm during exchanges and visitations:

  • Staggered arrival and departure times.
  • Separate entrances and exits.
  • Surveillance cameras and buzz/lock entrances.
  • Trained visitation monitors.
  • Off-duty law enforcement officers.
  • Metal detector wand.

What if I have a no-contact order?

Our rules and safety measures allow for court-ordered visitation to occur while no-contact orders remain in place.

Where are you located?

Services are provided from two locations. Our Lexington office is located on the bottom floor of Parkside Apartments at 1060 Cross Keys Road, Suite 160 in Lexington, Kentucky 40504. A satellite center is located within Georgetown Police Department at 550 Bourbon Street, Georgetown, KY 40324.

How can I contact you?

Our Children’s Safe Exchange and Visitation staff can be reached by phone at 859-268-0487.