You can talk to us 24/7.
Victims, friends and family members can call our free 24-hour crisis line 800-544-2022 any time, day or night, any day of the week. Someone is always there with answers, counseling, safety planning or referrals. Language interpretation, hearing impaired, and TDD services are available.

You can come to us in an emergency.
If things ever get so bad you have to flee your home for your own safety, call the crisis line. We’ll find you a place to stay — at our 32-bed emergency shelter or another safe place — and then help you figure out what to do next. Click here for pictures of the facility.

You can get guidance through the legal process.
Our skilled and experienced advocates can help you find your way through the legal system, file an emergency protective order or criminal charges. They are always there for you on that journey and will even accompany you to court for emotional support.

You and your children can talk to our counselors one-on-one or join a support group.
Whether you’re at our shelter or somewhere else in the 17 counties we serve. Please call our 24-hour crisis line at 800-544-2022 to find out about counseling services and group meetings in your area.

You can plan next steps.
You have come to a safe place. Now what? Where will you live? How will you get a job? How will you handle healthcare? What if you need to go back to school? Our experienced, dedicated advocates will help you set and reach personal goals.

You can improve money matters.
Certified financial counselors will help you manage a budget, build good credit, make sound investments, build assets and avoid pitfalls like predatory lending. Please call our 24-hour crisis line at 800-544-2022 to find out about workshops in your area.

You can continue to grow as a person.
What makes GreenHouse17 truly special is the opportunity to be out in the fresh air on a beautiful 40-acre farm, growing flowers and fruits, vegetables and herbs while growing strong in body and mind. Eating food fresh from the garden models good nutrition and healthy eating habits for parents and kids.

All who live here have the opportunity to help on the farm should they choose, in exchange for a small stipend. Harvesting herbs, creating handmade products, and arranging floral bouquets for sale are satisfying experiences that provide workplace and small business experience.

There’s no substitute for the sense of achievement you feel from seeing something through from seed to bloom. Because our goal is to help you grow as a person, we offer other out-of-the-box activities like yoga and journaling to stretch and develop body and mind.

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