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Morgan’s Story

“I am exactly who he told me I couldn‘t be.”

Before my kids and I escaped, I didn’t feel like I had anyone. It was a really low point in my life.

I was seeing a therapist in Lexington, and we came to the realization together that I was in an abusive relationship. At that point, she recommended I reach out to GreenHouse17.

The person on the phone said ‘let’s get you to a shelter.’ I didn’t really feel comfortable doing that, so they gave me the phone number for Kris [advocate]. It was a relief to talk to someone.

I didn’t feel safe meeting her anywhere except my workplace. I brought her in under the guise of a vendor. We found a conference room, and she stayed with me for three hours while I told her my story. Kris was crucial in helping me to escape.

She told me – at this point you’re not leaving, you’re escaping.

I had a small, very tight circle of people who I was able to confide in and trust. I kept in contact with Kris and an attorney, and we got our plan together for my escape.

Initially it was really scary. My sister told me we could live with them for a little while. The day I decided we were leaving, he went to work, and I was acting fairly normal. My sister and brother-in-law pulled up. Within an hour we met with a sheriff’s deputy and got the EPO.

The day at court came. Kris was there. It was crazy and scary, but it was amazing. Everything went in the favor of my kids and me. It’s a long journey. It’s difficult, but you’ll make it, and it’s so worth it. Once you finally take that first breath and realize I’m free for the first time—it’s an indescribable feeling.

My little girl started pre-K and my son is in first grade. We’ve been isolated for years from my family and friends. Now we’re meeting new people and having a blast. I’m now a member of the Attorney General Survivors Council. I’m going to write a book one day. I have no problem sharing my story. I love doing it because I know it’s going to help someone, somewhere—and that’s the goal.

This is only part of Morgan’s story, in her own words, shared with her permission. 

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