24-Hour Hotline: 800.544.2022

January 14 marked the launch of a six-month construction project to renovate our emergency shelter. The effort will create additional bedrooms, increase safety and confidentiality, and improve use of space at the facility. We are committed to uninterrupted operation of the shelter and 24-hour hotline, also housed at the facility, during construction.

Survivors and community partners should expect some changes to our shelter operation during the the six-month construction project:

  • Shelter capacity will be limited to 25 adults and children during construction.
  • Adults and children referred to our shelter may be accommodated in large shared spaces at the facility that have been converted to temporary bedrooms.
  • Shelter residents should be prepared to experience the challenges of living in a space under construction, especially increased noise.

Community partners should continue standard referral processes for emergency shelter during the construction.

Should emergency shelter intake not be possible, our advocates are prepared to assist with alternate shelter solutions, including temporary hotel stays and transportation assistance to shelters operated by our sister network of domestic violence programs across Kentucky.

Survivors participating in alternate shelter solutions will have access to the same nurturing and supportive services: safety planning, legal advocacy, transportation assistance, support groups, individual counseling, and other personal advocacy.

We anticipate few, if any, changes to outreach and non-residential services during the renovation.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during the next few months. Despite likely complications along the way, we hope you are excited about possibilities the shelter renovation will create for survivors in our community for many years to come.

If you have any questions or concerns about our services during the renovation, please call 800-544-2022.