Speak My Name

Today we ask you to listen for 42 seconds as we speak these names. Each name is a life taken by domestic homicide, related to intimate partner abuse in Kentucky from September 2020 – August 2021.

Although Domestic Violence Awareness Month is coming to a close, we will nurture lives harmed until the violence ends.

Connie Taylor, 74, Simpson County
Victoria Cunningham, 67, Hardin County
Pamela Renee Anderson, 57, Marion County
Donna G. Lay, 57, Whitley County
Carrie McCord, 56, McCracken County
Melinda Goosby, 46, Jefferson County
Jill Clayton, 40, Rowan County
Carmelita Lashaun Wright, 39, Franklin County
Don Ray Collett, 38, Laurel County
Tiffany Kidwell, 32, Kenton/Boone County
Angela Carey, 30, Butler County
Ashley Rountree, 29, Bullitt County
Ericka Canada, 26, Warren County
Hannah Fuller, 23, Daviess County
Nikkia Cope, 22, McCracken County
Esther Meza, 22, Clark County
Anonymous child, 12 years old

Speak My Name is a project of the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence. This is not an exhaustive list. Only victims about whom the coalition is aware through media outlets and domestic violence programs.


Speak My Name


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