The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that “one in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.” This means that you know probably know someone who has been abused by an intimate partner.

Domestic violence is usually thought of as physical and sexual abuse, and though these are commonly seen in domestic violence situation, domestic violence may not be as obvious as you think. It may take the form of threats and coercion, emotional abuse, isolation, economic abuse, and intimidation.

Please don’t dismiss signs of violence and abuse because you think it is a private matter and you should not get involved.

Reach out to someone if you suspect she or he is being abused. Ask a few simple questions. Listen.  Believe and support. Encourage them to seek help by calling our toll free crisis hotline number: 800-544-2022.

This post is part of our 17 Days/17 Ways campaign during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.