Your vote for our table at the new DV8 Kitchen location could win a $1,000 prize to support survivors!

In celebration and prep for its new location opening this spring, DV8 Kitchen has organized a fun project! They’re hosting a table painting contest with 14 nonprofit organizations in the recovery community. Each organization partnered with a local artist to paint a beautiful table related to their mission.

We partnered with Kristin Carpenter, a local artist and member of our staff. Her original painting illustrates the benefits of nature-based healing. Lots of sunshine and water nourish flowers and vegetables to grow strong and stand tall in the fields. Our 24-hour hotline in the bottom right corner of the table will help victims and survivors to connect with supportive services.

To vote for Kristin’s table, like the video at this link on the DV8 Kitchen Facebook page. Voting opens on February 10 at 5 p.m. and closes on Tuesday, February 16 at 7 p.m. 

DV8 Kitchen is a local restaurant & bakery that employs people in recovery from substance use disorder who are trying to redirect their lives. Their original location on South Broadway has thrived since opening in August 2017. The new second location will be located in Lexington’s East End at the corner of Midland Avenue & Third Street.

The work of DV8 Kitchen is especially important to our mission. Many survivors struggle with substance use while healing from intimate partner abuse. A strong and supportive community is crucial for those on the path to healing and sobriety. 

Vote for our table!

Follow the link to Facebook to like the video about our table.