Thoughts from a Resident

The following is a beautiful blog written by a resident at our shelter:

“A blessing and a curse understanding the misunderstood independent and then codependent -is this what mixed emotions are all about?

With all the redundant obstacles that life requires, How easily does one become hypocritical? Tried and then tried to figure this journey out within the walls of this safe haven.

It’s encouraged here that the extremest impossibilities are purely tangible. But that most supernatural being that engulfs my atmosphere named Misery truly loves my company. I’m learning that to learn myself is that key I’ve always needed to that locked door in this secret garden.

Still easily lost on a straight path, I thought it was okay to expect an opportunity to fall into the palm of my hand. Ill knowledged? NO But my feet must make rhythmic moves and my cerebellum make rational decisions. All along, accepting that merging left to go right, is going to happen time and time again.

Throughout, I must want to need to help myself because accepting myself, nobody every made me feel this way. Come closer and let your light shine through.”

This post is part of our Survivor Stories series.


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