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Field Note from “Laurel”

This article was written by “Laurel,” a survivor who participates in our farm’s healing programming.

Working in the garden is such an amazing and humbling honor.

The sense of accomplishment and appreciation after a day’s work out on the farm is something I haven’t felt in a very very long time. On the farm, there are so many hoop houses to protect the plants from the elements… I watered three of the hoop houses.

Each greenhouse took an hour to water because the ground was so dry. I harvested the squash and zucchini again. The cucumbers still aren’t doing very good. All the peppers look great and some are huge and just perfect, not a spot on them. Thank you for allowing someone like me to feel appreciated and useful.

Not only is this an amazing program for a lady who has been through so much abuse and trauma to work through her issues, as well as rebuild her self-confidence and self-esteem, but we are also learning something. That is important to me.

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