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Handmade by Survivors Reflections

“We are all handmade, we are not meant to be perfect, we are just meant to try to be our best selves possible.”

The following reflections were written by survivors who created Handmade by Survivors products this year. They’ve given us permission to share these stories with you. 

Survivor Reflection from “T” 

I have been down many roads. Some happy, some hard, some completely unimaginable. 

Along the way, I have learned so much about myself. At times it would have been easier for me to cave in and remain in my comfort zone, stagnate. At times I did just that.  

The most important thing I learned along the way is that everything happens in its own time, in its right time. It’s a balance of willpower and fate. When you’re ready all things will fall into place.  

The true absence of freedom is fear, worry, and anxiety. I have found my way out of so many dark places, I have risen above all sorts of negativity and chains trying to hold me down and yet sometimes I find I still worry about my capability to handle it all. To navigate through my life, to make right decisions. 

Today as I worked at the farm at GreenHouse17 I had a valuable lesson resurface. We are all handmade, we are not meant to be perfect, we are just meant to try to be our best selves possible. 

Survivor Reflection from “M” 

Lathering up hope, 

Kitchen sizzles with delight, 

Charred notes, 

Bright future. 

Survivor Reflection from “P” 

Today is a beautiful day. I woke up this morning. Thank you, God.  

GreenHouse17 is an amazing place. It saved my life. It was a hard time adjusting, but I survived.  

It has made me appreciate my life. Even more than before. 

I’m more humble, loving, caring for others than myself. 

Thankful & grateful. Without you God, I couldn’t have made it. 

Now I’m blooming into a flower with a face. 

I love myself again. 

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