What you can do to help prevent intimate partner abuse in families and its impact on the community:

1. Dial 911 if you see or hear about intimate partner abuse.

2. Speak out. If you see or hear someone using abusive or controlling language, say “I don’t appreciate that,” and explain why it’s unacceptable.

3. Reach out to someone you think might be experiencing intimate partner abuse. It’s important to listen, believe in and support this person. Give them our 24-hour crisis line number, 800.544.2022.

4. Ask yourself honestly if your own behavior is truly violence-free.

5. Invite educators to speak about prevention at your school, church, civic group, or business.

6. Write a letter to your local paper describing the problem of intimate partner abuse in your community and suggest solutions like these.

7. Add intimate partner abuse to the list of crimes on your neighborhood watch list.

8. Adopt GreenHouse17 where you work, so your co-workers are encouraged to donate money and allowed time off to volunteer.

9. Encourage your faith, corporate, or community group to volunteer for a day project at our shelter or farm.

10. Donate to GreenHouse17.  Financial contributions are always welcome. Donate gently used clothing and furniture in the name of Greenhouse17 to Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity. They’ll give us vouchers, so survivors can shop for what they need.

11. Purchase the fresh flowers we grow on our farm and our Handmade by Survivors products.

12. Help your workplace or church develop a written policy regarding domestic violence if they don’t have one. We can help.

13. Talk to the young people in your life about healthy relationships. Help them recognize the signs of dating violence.

14. Tell your state representatives you support protections for survivors of domestic violence.

15. Like us on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. And share our posts with your friends.

16. Host and attend community events that support survivors.

17. Believe that your voice and actions can make a difference.