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Jiggy Puzzles x PK’s Gift Closet

We are so lucky to have a generous community that cares about survivors.  

We’re excited to share this new blog series featuring the unique ways community partners are supporting the mission. 

First Amy Rowell – who owns PK’s Gift Closet – shares her collaboration with Jiggy on a lovely puzzle that supports survivors.   

Thank you, Amy!   

I first found out about GreenHouse17 when I donated in memory of a family friend who had spent some time there. When I looked it up to find out more about it, I was so comforted at what a refuge it seemed to be, and I loved the incredible skills that were taught in such a serene environment. I imagined my friend loved being there and found strength in being able to thrive in peace.   

I wasn’t living in Kentucky when I first heard about it, but I moved back in 2020 to start my own business. (I’m a native Lexingtonian.) I believe in serving others in all ways always… and I was anxious to find something local to support and remembered GreenHouse17. Of course, 2020 was a mess but I tried to help as much as I could.   

When I got my business up and going, charity was an important part of my business plan right from the start, even if I couldn’t give as much as I wanted in the beginning. In the Bible, it says to “use your gifts to serve one another” so I knew I had other ways to support them.   

Giving my time and efforts to others takes me away from myself (which is a good thing) and allows me to focus on blessing others. It’s also wonderful for learning, like discovering that pulling weeds and cleaning up a garden is very VERY tough work…and that organizing is truly my love language!  

When the opportunity to do a puzzle with Jiggy came along, which is a dream collaboration for me, it was important to me to give back through that personal blessing and GreenHouse17 was the perfect partner. I always want the ladies there to be empowered and have every chance to create a life for themselves from their own minds, hearts, and hands. GreenHouse17 is the perfect place for them to start.  

As for the puzzle, I thought a colorful pile of ribbons would be so fun to work as a jigsaw puzzle… and thankfully, the wonderful team at Jiggy agreed with me! I picked some of my favorite colors and patterns and styled them into a rainbow swirl of vibrancy that turned out beautifully!   

It’s packaged so elegantly and would make for a cute hostess or housewarming gift… and don’t forget the holidays. Puzzles are so fun to work with family and friends! If you don’t already know, working a puzzle is a relaxing and rewarding (nothing like finding “that” piece) hobby!   

PK’s Gift Closet has closed as of 6-16-23. Thank you for all the support over the years, Amy!

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