Day 13: Read, Watch and Listen to Stories of Survival

Share List Stories help us to process our experiences, sympathize with the experiences of others, and make connections with friends and family. We maintain a list of popular books, songs and films about intimate partner abuse (you can find it here), but today we’re featuring one survivor’s story. In her own words. This post is […]

With a Helping Hand We Can Climb Higher

Share List By Anonymous I am an abused woman.  I was brought to the  shelter by my cousin.  I had severe  pain in  my neck and back,  due to a  blow  in my mid-back region.  I also had pneumonia  and was chronically exhausted. The shelter has helped me.  I have a place to live.  I […]

My Journey from Domestic Violence to Safety

Share List This post was written by a resident at GreenHouse17: I have been fleeing a domestic violence situation for 13 months now. I left everything I and my kids owned, including our vehicle. He threatened to kill us and himself to solve his problems. I was terrified because he had already assaulted me numerous […]

Thoughts from a Resident

Share List The following is a beautiful blog written by a resident at our shelter: “A blessing and a curse understanding the misunderstood independent and then codependent -is this what mixed emotions are all about? With all the redundant obstacles that life requires, How easily does one become hypocritical? Tried and then tried to figure […]