Information updated on March 27, 2020

The following information about our response to COVID-19 (coronavirus) will be updated regularly.

This response is informed by Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Lexington Homelessness Prevention & Intervention “Infectious Disease: Homeless System Response Plan.”

Information about our services
Will my call to the hotline still be answered?

Yes. Our hotline will continue to be answered 24-hours a day. Please call us at 800-544-2022.

Is your shelter still open?

Yes, our emergency shelter for victims of intimate partner abuse will continue to accept residents when beds are available. Additional precautions, including temperature readings for adults and children, will be required prior to intake and daily during stay. Please call our hotline to speak with an advocate: 800-544-2022.

Are support groups still meeting?

Support groups are canceled until April 6, maybe longer, with the exception of those that happen at our emergency shelter. If you have questions or concerns during this time, please reach out to the advocate who typically facilitates your group or call our hotline at 800-544-2022

Will support from my advocate continue?

Our advocates will continue to provide supportive services. Some of our services that happen in community spaces could be limited because of precautions being taken. Please contact your advocate with questions or concerns. If you’re not sure how to reach your advocate, call our 24-hour hotline at 800-544-2022 to be connected.

Will my court date/hearing be canceled?

The Kentucky Supreme Court Justice has determined that Domestic Violence Court will continue in all counties, but we’re learning that some courts might shift to virtual/video hearings. It’s possible that other emergency hearings, bail hearings, and current trials will also begin virtual/video hearings in some counties. Please call us at 800-544-2022 for more information about how our advocates can support, advocate, and/or accompany you during court proceedings happening during this public health crisis.

What if I need to file for an Emergency Protective Order?

In Fayette County, you can continue to petition for and receive emergency protection orders 24/7 during this time. Petitions are available at the Circuit or District Courthouses downtown. If you can’t get to the courthouse to file a petition, consider calling the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff at at 859-252-1771 for a ride. If you reside outside of Fayette County, please contact your community’s Sheriff or our 24-hour hotline at 800-544-2022 for more information.

What about safe exchange and visitation appointments?

Children’s Safe Exchange and Visitation services in Lexington and Georgetown locations are suspended until further review on Monday, April 6.

Information about giving support
What should I do if my friend or family member is being harmed?

It can be difficult to support a friend or family member who is being abused, especially during times when social distancing and isolation are being encouraged for public health.

Reach out by phone, text, and social media. Believe the stories they tell you. Listen more than you talk. Avoid saying what you would do. Instead, say you are really worried about their safety and ask if they have a safety plan.

And respect your friend or family member’s decision, even if they decide to stay. Sometimes, it’s because leaving will be too dangerous right now. Your role is to help them make their own decisions, not rescue them.

Become familiar with things to consider when making a safety plan. Suggest that they call our 24-hour hotline to speak with an advocate. That number is 800-544-2022. You can call us, too. We are here to answer questions and help you support your friend and family.

How do I make a financial gift to support your services during this time?

Financial contributions to support services for survivors can be made from the secure Donate Now page on our website or mailed to ATTN: Finance, PO Box 55190, Lexington, KY 40555-5190.

Are you requesting the donation of any special supplies?

Yes, but we aren’t allowed to accept donations at our emergency shelter until further notice.

Instead, we are asking supporters to make purchases from our wish lists on Amazon. These supplies will be directly shipped to our shelter, and Amazon Smile will donate a percentage of the purchase cost to our organization if you make the purchase from this link.

We also currently need hand sanitizer. If you have this supply locally, please drop off the donation to the Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention, located at 101 East Vine Street, between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm, Monday – Friday.

Are you accepting the donation of gently used goods?

No. We are not allowed to accept the donation of new or used goods at our shelter or other office locations until further notice.

What about your vegetable and flower farm?

Our farm team and survivors will continue to tend to the vegetables and flowers during this time. For more information about becoming a member of our Summer Flower CSA, please follow this link.

Can I still purchase Handmade by Survivors products?

Yes. Please visit our website’s online shop at this link.