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End of Summer Survivor Reflections

“We are the flowers that are seeded, grown and harvested.” 

The following reflections were written by survivors participating in our nature-based healing program. They’ve given us permission to share these stories with you. 

Survivor Reflection from “L” 

My time here at GreenHouse17 is coming to an end.  I’m really happy to be moving on, but it’s very bittersweet.  I’ll miss this place, the women that I’ve met along the way, the support I’ve had from all the staff, and mostly the garden.  I’ll miss all the cats and the horses. 

I had gotten into a routine, and I was just starting to get comfortable.  I wake up early, get my coffee, sit on the back porch and watch the sun come up and then get ready for work. 

No matter what I’m doing in the garden, I love it all. 

The weeding, planting, and harvesting are my favorite and most rewarding.  It’s been so great to see the vegetables growing, especially the tomatoes and apples and the flowers. I’ve learned a lot about flowers, herbs, and just random stuff. 

I can take what I’ve learned and use it for the rest of my life and I’m so grateful for everything and everyone in it. It will always have a special place in my heart… 

Survivor Reflection From “M” 

Summer is winding down…I like to watch the beautiful butterflies and the smell the flowers. I learned how to harvest fresh tomatoes and how to start my own garden when I leave. The joy of learning new things; composting, dealing with frustrations that happen when tools or equipment fails. 

I will miss the crisp air, the sounds of nature all around, the beautiful sunflowers that shine in all their glory. I give thanks to God for this opportunity and working together with great people. 

I cut flowers, picked up the weeds, harvested veggies and fruits, and helped canned tomatoes from the garden. I didn’t realize how simple it is to can food. 

It’s very peaceful and it’s giving me much needed time to just think. 

Survivor Reflection from “C” 

Working in the garden is a memory that I will forever remember! I’m very sad to see the season come to an end. I am very proud of the things that I have learned. I am going to miss having fun and great conversation every day! I will not at all miss the grasshoppers!!  

It makes me proud and feel good that all of us amazing women have pulled together to work and meet goals, to make beautiful things happen, and to make other people smile. Just coming together as a family makes me the happiest.  

This has prepared me for going to get another job, because now I believe in myself and I know I can do anything that I set my mind to. Even the things I think I can’t, I’m still going to try!! The opportunity I have and was given is much more than appreciated. It made my life better, it made me smile again, and has given me such an amazing feeling. 

As a group of diverse women we have dedicated our time and hearts to the garden, watching it flourish and thrive, leaving us filled with warmth, accomplishment and pride. 

[It’s] given us a sense of purpose and provides a loving family atmosphere that most of us lack and genuinely need.  

We are the flowers that are seeded, grown and harvested. 

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