Between 14% and 25% of women are sexually assaulted by intimate partners during their relationship.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Many abusers who are physically violent are also sexually abusive. 

Here are 7 statistics about the intersection of intimate partner abuse and sexual abuse from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 

7 Statistics About Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

  1. Intimate partner sexual assault and rape are used to intimidate, control and demean victims and survivors of domestic violence. 
  2. Intimate partner sexual assault is more likely than stranger or acquaintance assault to cause physical injury.
  3. Between 14% and 25% of women are sexually assaulted by intimate partners during their relationship.
  4. Between 40% and 45% of women in abusive relationships will also be sexually assaulted during the course of the relationship. 
  5. Over half of women raped by an intimate partner were sexually assaulted multiple times by the same partner. 
  6. Women who are sexually abused by intimate partners report more risk factors for intimate partner homicides than non-sexually abused women.
  7. Women who are sexually abused by intimate partners suffer severe and long-lasting physical and mental health problems, similar to those of other rape victims. They have higher rates of depression and anxiety than women who were either raped by a non-intimate partner or physically but not sexually abused by an intimate partner. 

Ampersand Sexual Violence Resource Center of the Bluegrass

Our friends at Ampersand will be sharing information and hosting events this month for Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month.

Ampersand’s focus is to support folks who have been impacted by violence and to engage the community in changing rape culture. We serve the same 17 counties – Anderson, Bourbon, Boyle, Clark, Estill, Fayette, Franklin, Garrard, Harrison, Jessamine, Lincoln, Madison, Mercer, Nicholas, Powell, Scott, and Woodford. 


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