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Abuse Later in Life

It’s Older Americans Month and when it comes to intimate partner abuse, there is no age limit.  

The National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life (NCALL) defines it as willful abuse, neglect, abandonment, or financial exploitation of an older adult who is age 50+ by someone in an ongoing, trust-based relationship with the victim.  

Sherry Huff Culp from Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency of the Bluegrass says, “The aggressors include spouses and former spouses, partners, adult children, extended family, and in some cases caregivers. Often abusers threaten survivors with nursing home placement if they tell anyone about the abuse. Some abusers use their role and power to financially exploit their victims. Others feel that they are entitled to get their way because they are the “head of the household,” or because they are younger and physically stronger than their victim is.” 

People being abused later in life face unique challenges. They may be more dependent on their abuser for basic needs or have a harder time leaving their home to seek help.   

Get Help 

If you’re suffering from abuse later in life, Certified Domestic Violence Advocates are here 24 hours a day, every day of the year to talk and answer your questions. Call us at 800-544-2022. 

If you’re in an abusive situation and ready to leave, but you’re the caregiver for an elderly family member — we have a special room at shelter just for this type of circumstance that can fit a medical bed and has its own bathroom.  

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