A few kind words can make a difficult day feel better. Writing notes of encouragement is a meaningful way to support survivors. 

You can write a couple of cards or a bundle of many cards. This makes for a lovely way for your community, faith, or work group to support the mission. Here are a few tips and best practices: 

  • Use a general salutation: Hello, Hi there, and Dear Survivor are good options. 
  • Start with a sentence about why you’re writing the card:  This must be such a difficult time for you, and I wanted to let you know someone cares. 
  • You don’t have to write a lot. Just a couple of lines can make a difference. Lean into celebrating the survivor’s strength and courage.  
  • Close with a message of hope – maybe something like this: May your tomorrows be safer, brighter, and full of hope and possibilities. 
  • Sign with your first name or first + last name, but please don’t include your address or phone number. 

In addition to blank cards with encouraging notes, we also welcome cards for birthdays, Mother’s Day, and other holidays. 

When your cards are ready, bundle them up and mail to address below or reach out for driving directions to drop them off at the shelter. 

ATTN: Community Engagement
PO Box 55190
Lexington, KY 40555-5190 

Download the flyer.

Click on the link below to download a flyer to print or share with others.