Safe at Home Act

The Safe at Home Act to encourage confidentiality for survivors of intimate partner abuse in Kentucky became effective June 29, 2023. 

This new Kentucky law allows victims fleeing domestic abuse to shield their new addresses from public records, mask their addresses on publicly available government records, and register to vote without their address being public. 

No special court order will be required, and the program is administered at no fee to participants. 

You are eligible for the program if able to provide a sworn statement that you are a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking and believe address confidentiality will improve your safety. 

Call our 24-hour hotline for help completing the Safe at Home application form: 800-544-2022  

Submission of a complete and notarized application is required. Upon approved participation for the program, you will receive a participant card and packet of additional information. 

Participants may use the Secretary of State’s address on most public records instead of their own. The Secretary of State’s office will forward mail received to the participant’s confidential address. 

Approved participation remains valid for four years and can be renewed upon expiration. Most other states provide similar programs, and victims may be eligible for similar address confidentiality if they relocate. 

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