Shelter Life – Launching PhaseBlog

Shelter Life – Launching Phase

Walking into shelter for the first time can be a very scary experience.

Although every survivor’s journey after fleeing abuse is unique, our shelter services are designed around three phases of shelter life — Welcoming, Healing, and Launching. This is part three of a 3-part blog series that explores common activities during each phase.   


When a survivor begins preparations to leave the shelter, they continue to work with their Healing Advocate and also choose another advocate to help during the Launching phase. 


Although each survivor needs different types of housing support, most receive temporary rental and utility assistance. 

Some survivors transition to apartments in their home county or near supportive family and friends, while others move to apartments in the ZeroV Homes Lexington. Twelve of these units are scattered near downtown Lexington, with easy access to public transportation, and twelve cottage-style duplexes are nestled on the backside of the emergency shelter’s property.  

Breaking Down Fears 

A large part of the Launching phase is to work on emotional support. For a lot of survivors, this is the first time they’ve lived on their own in a long time.  

Advocates will work through fears and safety plan for survivors. If the survivor has children, our Youth Advocate will help safety plan with the kids. 

What’s Next? 

While a survivor is still at shelter, Launching Advocates will connect them with an Outreach Advocate in the community where they will be living. Staff members live and work in all 17 counties of our service area. 

Outreach Advocates continue supporting survivors after they transition out of shelter.  

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