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Stalking Awareness Month

January 2024 is the 20th annual National Stalking Awareness Month (NSAM)

Stalking often co-occurs with intimate partner violence and can be an indicator of other forms of violence.  

All stalkers can be dangerous. Intimate partner stalkers, compared to acquaintance and stranger stalkers, are more likely to threaten and physically assault the victim and their friends and family.  

Did you know stalking can include these behaviors?  

  • Repeated phone calls, texts, or communication on your social media  
  • Sending unwanted gifts to your home or work  
  • Threatening you or your loved ones  
  • Following you or watching you from a distance  
  • Digital harassment, such as tracking your location through an app or showing up at a place you’ve checked into online  

Learn more about the crime and ways to plan for your safety:  

National Day of Action for Stalking Awareness 

SPARC is launching the first National Day of Action for Stalking Awareness on January 18th 

On January 18, 2003 Peggy Klinke was murdered by her stalker, her ex-boyfriend. 

Learn more about Peggy’s story here. [Trigger warning: The video talks about stalking, murder, and includes clips of Peggy’s 911 call] 

“Peggy had a sparkling personality and would light up a room. As the stalking continued and continued, we saw that shine fade.” – Debbie Riddle, Stalking Activist, Peggy’s sister, and founder of National Stalking Awareness Month

SPARC is bringing back the sparkle on the anniversary of Peggy’s murder and you can help spread awareness.  

On January 18th

  • Post a photo on social media wearing sparkly or shiny clothing or pose in front of sparkly decor
  • Tag SPARC – @followuslegally on Facebook and Instagram
  • Use the hashtags #SparkleAgainstStalking #NSAM2024 #NSAMDayofAction 

Learn more.

Visit SPARC's website.

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