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Children’s Safe Exchange & Visitation

Nearly 10,000 safe visitations and exchanges have been provided since the program began in 2018.

The Children’s Safe Exchange and Visitation program was launched in 2018 to support children whose parents and families have a history of intimate partner abuse, substance use, child abuse, or neglect.

Nearly 10,000 safe visitations and exchanges have been provided since the program began. Services are provided from two locations in downtown Lexington and Georgetown. Visitations and exchanges are facilitated without contact between adult parties so children and parents can feel safe while building positive parent-child relationships.

Children’s Safe Exchange and Visitation is a unique place where young survivors can have some time together with their families in a safe and warm environment,” shares Scott Lancaster, program manager.

Services honor the importance of the parent-child relationship in the healthy development of children while committing to safety and reducing worry about conflict.

AU Associates, Inc. donates the program’s Lexington office space, while Georgetown Police Department provides in-kind space for services in Scott County.

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