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Support Groups

Surviving intimate partner abuse is a traumatic experience and it helps to have a safe place to talk about it. 

Our support groups offer a safe and caring space so you don’t have to heal alone. You may not have many friends or family you can turn to for support, or maybe you’re having a difficult time trusting or relying on them right now. We know everyone’s story is different, but sometimes sharing with others who have been through similar experiences can offer comfort. 

Some benefits of support groups include the following:  

  • Feeling less lonely or isolated  
  • Talking openly and honestly about feelings  
  • Connecting with others who have shared experiences  
  • Improving coping skills  
  • Staying motivated   
  • Improving hopefulness  
  • Receiving practical feedback  
  • Learning about new resources 

It’s important to note the difference between a support group and group therapy. The term therapy usually means an intervention related to a physical or mental medical diagnosis. Support groups are gatherings of people with shared experiences. Our groups are facilitated by a Certified Domestic Violence Advocate.  

Download a printable Support Groups flyer here.

Our Support Groups

Most of our groups focus on common survivor experiences, but some focus on specific topics, such as co-parenting or finance matters. Both in-person and online meetings are available. 

You are not alone. It can be a struggle to talk about your story. Join a community of people who have experienced similar life events. You will get through this and you will heal.