FKA Twigs Speaks Out

FKA Twigs recently shared her story of survival in an interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning. Twigs explains, “I just couldn’t carry it anymore…”

Singer-songwriter FKA Twigs has accused her former partner, Shia LaBeouf, of intimate partner abuse. She is sharing her story to help others spot early signs of abuse and let survivors know they are not alone.

Twigs received support and guidance during a call to a domestic violence hotline. Now, looking back, she identifies early signs of abuse, especially those related to her boundaries.

“He actually would jump over the fence where I was staying and leave flowers outside my door, and poems, and books and I thought it was very romantic. But that quickly changed…”

Lack of respect for boundaries quickly escalated to emotional and physical abuse. When Gayle King asks why she didn’t leave, Twigs refuses to answer the question.

“I’m just gonna make a stance and say that I’m not gonna answer that question anymore. The question should really be to the abuser…’Why are you holding someone hostage with abuse? You know, and people say, ‘Oh, it can’t have been that bad, because or else you would have left.'”

She continues to explain, “It’s because it was that bad I couldn’t leave.”

FKA Twigs shares more of her story in this recent interview with Elle. When asked how it feels to speak out, Twigs says she feels brave. “I just couldn’t carry it anymore…whereas now I feel like I’ve handed his disfunction back to him, and it’s his.”

Lebouf denies the allegations.

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