Choosing to read, watch, and listen to stories is one way you can help end intimate partner abuse. 

Stories help us to process, sympathize, and bond in shared experiences. Although some popular stories perpetuate myths and outdated assumptions, so many offer insight to understanding. We’ve compiled a list of podcasts for you to listen to.

It’s Time

The “It’s Time” awareness campaign started a podcast, It’s Time to Talk, hosted by Stephanie Theakston, program coordinator of the Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Coalition (DSVPC), and Diane Fleet, associate director of our organization and chair of DSVPC.    

They recently released a recap episode so you can catch up here. 

When Dating Hurts

This podcast is hosted by Bill Mitchell whose daughter Kristin was murdered by her boyfriend. He interviews survivors, family members of victims, and professionals working in domestic violence.  

Listen here. 

Death, Sex & Money

A recent episode features Adonis Williams, a New York City mover who helps survivors of intimate partner abuse.  

“Adonis decided he wanted to help more victims of domestic violence move out of unsafe situations— a service he still provides today,” host Anna Sale. 

Listen here. 

I’m a Survivor

Host Misty Chaviers is a survivor and shares her personal story, as well as featuring other survivor stories and professionals. Her podcast was a finalist for the 2023 Digital Women Awards. 

Listen here. 

Unmasking the Abuser

Hosted by Dr. Dina McMillan, this podcast shares specific manipulation tactics of abusers. 

Listen here. 

Dr. McMillan has also done a TEDx Talk called Unmasking the abuser where she discusses her conversations with abusers. 

Watch here. 

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