Handmade by Survivors Product Reflections 💜Blog

Handmade by Survivors Product Reflections 💜

“My smiles are so much brighter. I have found a way to use my skills in something I so much enjoy doing!”

The following reflections were written by survivors who have helped make our Handmade by Survivors products. They’ve given us permission to share these stories with you. 

By D 

I really enjoyed this opportunity to learn how to make candles, soap, and bath salts! It gave me a chance to bond with some of my fellow survivors in such a way that was very valuable to me both spiritually and humanly! It helped me tremendously. Not only did I make life-long bonds, I also had fun doing it! It seems like my 8 weeks flew by. I really, truly hate to see it come to an end. 

I so believe in GreenHouse17 and all the products we made. I know they were all made with love and careful thought and planning. They are a proud group of women who have seen some trauma in our lives! I looked forward to each day as to what we were gonna make! I loved it all, except wiping off the bottoms of the candles! 😊

I surely hope the next crew gets as much enjoyment out of it as I did! I enjoyed everything about it! It relaxed me, we laughed, joked, played, ate ice cream & cookies, listened to the radio, & also drank numerous pots of coffee! I wouldn’t change a thing—Loved it all! 

By A

My smiles are so much brighter, I have found a way to use my skills in something I so much enjoy doing! Making soap and doing different things with my new family that I know God has blessed me to have in my life is wonderful. I find it’s very easy to talk with the ladies I work with. 

To sit back and see what I’m able to do with the things I have made is so awesome, plus the smiles I receive when others see it. I have come to see that I’m able to do so many different things and will be able to put on my resume – like doing stock inventory, as well as learning ways to make wonderful handmade stuff.  

I never even thought about what flowers could do to make oils, soap, candles, lip balm… so many different colors and so many different smells. It’s good for me because I don’t open up – or should I say I used to not! 😊

But the fear of not being good enough or not being accepted gets less and less. I smile more and I look forward to coming and hanging out with everyone.  

I know whoever purchases our products will enjoy them as much as I’m liking being a part of making them. 

By R 

I didn’t realize how important it could be in one’s life when it comes to going about the things you do – working, helping others, or just hanging out. How we do it can be helpful in one’s recovery for the trauma. I have endured so many years.  

In this I have begun to learn how to pick up a new skill, spent sober & clean fun time with others, laughed, and enjoyed the wonderful world of crafting. I never realized that the things I’ve taken for granted in my everyday life could be used to help the body. Plus, it smells great.  

I wish I could have started earlier, but I feel very blessed to be given a chance to join in and learn more. I look forward to learning how to make other things and seeing how this will benefit GreenHouse17.  

Not only has doing this opened a new door, but it also has given me the pleasure of wanting to write how I feel about things down on paper.

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Your purchase of our Handmade by Survivors products will help survivors of intimate partner abuse as they establish safety, heal from the physical and emotional wounds of abuse, and grow strong as survivors. 💜

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