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Facebook Fundraisers – It’s so easy!

“I believe it’s a cause that deserves more awareness.”

For the past two years, around the time of his birthday, Kellen Macklin launched Facebook Fundraisers to ask his friends and family to make a donation to support GreenHouse17. His efforts have collected $1,250 to support our mission.

“My life hasn’t directly been affected by domestic violence, but I’ve been very close to people whose lives have been for many years. I believe it’s a cause that deserves more awareness.” 

“I was initially pretty apprehensive about using Facebook Fundraisers, but it’s so simple. Maybe takes 30 seconds to set up everything.” 

Donors can choose if their donations are public or private, and Facebook covers processing fees for gifts made to registered charitable organizations. When the fundraiser ends, donations are deposited directly to the organization’s bank account. 

“Even if you only raise a few dollars for whatever organization you choose, it’s more than they had before.”  

Kellen also supports us in other ways. Many nights while bartending at Arcadium in Lexington, he wears a purple mask with the words “support survivors” to spark conversations about our mission. 

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