In just one day, 79,335 adults and children received essential, life-changing services from local programs.

Each year domestic violence programs take part in the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) Domestic Violence Counts Survey. It’s a one-day count of adults and children seeking services in the United States.  

This survey documents the number of people seeking services, types of services, and requests that went unmet due to lack of resources.  

The 17th annual survey took place on September 7, 2022, with 1,955 domestic violence programs taking part. All 15 domestic violence programs in Kentucky participated.  

Kentucky Results 

1,200 Victims Served  
  • 772 adult and child victims of domestic violence found refuge in emergency shelters, transitional housing, hotels, motels, or other housing provided by local domestic violence programs.  
  • 428 adult and child victims received non-residential supportive services related to legal needs, housing advocacy, transportation, mental health, public benefits, and more.  
216 Hotline Contacts Received  
  • Domestic violence hotlines are lifelines for victims in danger, providing support, information, safety planning, and resources via phone, chat, text, and email. Hotline staff received 216 contacts, averaging 9 contacts per hour.  
26 People Educated  
  • On the survey day, local domestic violence programs provided 7 public training sessions (educational sessions provided to the public) to 26 people, addressing topics like domestic violence prevention and early intervention.  
112 Unmet Requests for Services  
  • Victims made 112 requests for services that programs could not provide because they did not have the resources. Approximately 56% of these unmet requests were for emergency shelter, hotels, motels, and other housing. 

      See the full Kentucky Summary here. 

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      Find the full report at this link.

      17th Annual Domestic Violence Counts Report