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Your Voice is Powerful

Take a stand against intimate partner abuse during Domestic Violence Awareness Month and every month. 

Your voice is powerful. Believe your voice and actions can make a difference. Be loud. Every action — big or small — creates a community that supports survivors.

What would happen if every person in your neighborhood took a stand against intimate partner abuse? What if every Kentucky resident supported survivors? 

Imagine if each and every one of us believed that our voice and actions matter and… 

Your voice is powerful. Your ideas, words, and actions make a difference. 

Candy Lightner’s voice changed drunk driving laws. Lilly Ledbetter’s voice protected women in the workplace. Ryan White’s voice changed our understanding of HIV/AIDS. Todd Beamer’s voice coordinated passengers to thwart an airstrike on the Pentagon.

And your voice can help end intimate partner abuse in families and our community.

Read more. Let's make some noise.

This is part of a series for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.


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